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This website, whose address is (“W CRIAÇÕES” or “platform”) is owned, maintained and controlled by W CRIAÇÕES MARTRIZES DE BORDADOS., registered with the CNPJ under n. 13.751.820/0001-67, headquartered at Rua Onélia Couto Cabral, 739. Gravatá, Navegantes, Santa Catarina - SC, CEP 88372-542.

This document aims to provide information about the platform's return policies, how rights related to product exchanges and their conditions should be exercised. We warn that the entire text must be read carefully and, if you, as a Buyer User, do not agree with the content provided here, do not make purchases on the aforementioned website. 

Also, it is an essential condition for the use of the site, by the Seller User, to respect the exchange rules established here, as well as the current consumer legislation.


This document was written and made available on 11/10/2021.


User: Name of Buyer Users.

Buyer User: Individual or legal entity registered at W CRIAÇÕES who is interested in or makes purchases of products and/or services made available by Seller Users.

Vouchers for purchases: Vouchers for product exchanges, in any situation, give the Buyer User the right to make new purchases only within the store in which the exchanged order was made.


3.1.  All products/services offered through the Platform, as well as detailed information, prices, discounts and stock are the sole responsibility of the W CREATIONS Team. Therefore, situations such as exchange and return of products must be resolved exclusively with the W CREATIONS Team that sold the product. 

3.2.  Exchanges due to defects or defects in the product: In case of a defective product, the User has up to 7 (SEVEN) calendar days to contact the W CREATIONS Team that carried out the transaction and request the return of the object following the required rules. 

3.2.1. The W CRIAÇÕES Team will analyze the defective product, which must not present changes in the files and, once the defect is identified, the Buyer User may exchange it for a similar item, provided that the store has it in stock, otherwise, the User will receive the refund of the amounts paid, or, if that is your preference, a gift card in the store of the same W CRIAÇÕES, corresponding to the total value of the purchase made on the Platform.

3.3.  Buyer User's Right of Repentance: According to the Consumer Defense Code, online purchases give the Buyer User the right to withdraw from the purchase within 7 (seven) days. Therefore, if the Buyer User requests a refund within this period, the full amount of the purchase will be refunded. If it is the Buyer User's preference, a shopping voucher may still be offered so that the value can be used in the same partner store where the regretted purchase was made.

  1. 4. CONTACT

4.1 . As already explained, in cases of exchanges or returns, the Buyer User must contact directly the W CREATIONS Team that carried out the transaction. AW CREATIONS will inform all the procedures for the return to be carried out and will be responsible for evaluating the product in cases of exchanges due to defects.

4.2 . Also, W CRIAÇÕES provides the following channel to receive all communications that Users wish to make, e-mail:

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